Tsuruya Co., Ltd. is Japan's leading manufacturing and sales company of kawara (ceramic roofing tiles) for residential roofs and has a history of more than 120 years since its foundation. Currently, it has a market share of about 20% of total kawara production (total of the three largest production regions), and also has the largest production capacity in the industry. Tsuruya offers a wide range of products from a lineup of about 2,500 kinds of kawara, available in 30 color variations. Tsuruya is always taking on new challenges by introducing state-of-the-art equipment and developing new products.

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E-mail info@try110.com
FAX (+81) (569) 28-5891

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Regretfully, we do not respond to telephone inquiries in foreign languages. Please send us e-mails or fax us for more information.(Trade/FOB Price/Sample)

  • E-mail info@try110.com
  • FAX (+81) (569) 28-5891

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