J-form Ace

kawara traditionally have a soft curve, which has been cultivated throughout the long history of Japan. These tiles highlight the elegant appearance of a residence.

J-form Super Ace

Many safety features have been incorporated into our kawara products. They can be used for roofs starting with 2.5 sun (7.8 cm) inclination. Their traditional shape has built-in strength.

F-form SUPERTRY110 Type 1

Japan’s traditional style and elegance are reproduced in the beautiful kawara. The standardized shape makes it easy to match up with any type of roof design and gives the residence a feeling of sophistication and a touch of class.

F-form SUPERTRY110 Type 3

The shape of kawara is carefully designed to ensure a highly waterproof performance. They can be installed on roofs having a mild slope and match up very well with both Western-style and Japanese-style traditional houses.

F-form SUPERTRY110 smart

The linear design can make the appearance of the whole roof look high-qualitystylish roof.They can be integrated with solar photovoltaic modules.

F-form SUPERTRY110 Sanrei

These kawara have bright color typical of southern Europe. Kawara with a nice mixture of different colors are quite popular. This lightweight kawara is about 20% lighter than the regular flat-plate kawara.

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